Re-Insulation Contractors

atticinsulationOnce your vermiculite has been removed, you will want to hire an insulation contractor that will work with two separate programs.

  1. Hiring a contractor that is a Trade Ally of Focus on Energy will make sure you receive up to $2,000 in immediate discounts. They will make sure your attic plane is properly air sealed and vented.
  2. Most of the vermiculite in Wisconsin is Zonolite brand insulation and the homeowner will receive a 55% reimbursement from the ZAI Trust for the cost of re-insulating areas of the attic that previously contained Zonolite brand vermiculite insulation.

The following contractors are not only a Trade Ally of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program, but they have also shown evidence of working with one of our vermiculite removal contractors in order to make sure the removal is done properly and that their own employees are not being put in harm’s way. If you are a contractor and would like your name added to the list please contact us through our Zonolite Removal Services Facebook Page.

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